Helsinki NANO

The objectives of the HelsinkiNano initiative, launched at the beginning of 2004, were to spur the Helsinki region into a central position in nanoscience and technology, promote the use of nanotechnology in commercial applications, and strengthen cooperation networks within the field. The twin objectives were to facilitate the introduction of new technologies into business and to support new nanotechnology-based start-ups. The initiative set to coordinate and further deepen the existing multidisciplinary expertise which already forms an excellent basis for success in nanoscience and technology in the region.

The initiative ended in June 2005, and published its final report in the autumn. Please do not hesitate to direct any questions to the coordinator of the project, Dr. Runar Törnqvist.


Coordination of HelsinkiNano:

Runar Törnqvist
Centre of New Materials
Helsinki University of Technology
P.O.Box 2200
FIN-02015 HUT

Fax: +358 9 451 3155
Tel: +358 9 451 6068




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